March 1, 2011

Introduction to New Frye Boots and Shoes

While "the old classics" still remain the favorite part of the Frye collection for women, there are nevertheless new Frye boots and shoes that are added on a regular basis - and for those of you who love this footwear, they are definitely worth seeing!

In fact, new Frye styles contain choices which also have looks that are "timeless" - likely being some of your favorite shoes or boots for some time to come. 

As time goes on, this site will be updated when new styles are released for women into the Frye collection - and onto offline and online store shelves.  As they come out, we will let you know here, along with some tips on where to find them online.

Should you buy new Frye boots and shoes online?  This is a question that comes up for just about any type of footwear, but for those who are concerned about the issue, be concerned no more.  Online shoe merchants have provided consumers with an invaluable service - free returns and exchanges in case you don't like what you buy or if you need to switch out a pair of boots or shoes for a different size.

Welcome!  We hope that you find this site helpful!  =)

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