June 24, 2011

The Frye Julie Fisherman Sandal - And A Few Other Women's Sandals to Compare

The Frye Julie Fisherman sandal is proving to be one of the most searched out sandals this summer season from Frye. They are obviously rather comfortable and sturdy, not to mention having one of the most timeless designs around.

While other fisherman sandal designs have a larger strap and a more solid look, the Julie includes a bit of a more subtle look with straps that are more slim when compared with many other shoes as well as a slimmer sole.

While this shoe is a superb pick in terms of a women's fisherman sandal, there are definitely different new sandals to select from, both from Frye and also other leading brands, some of which have a lower cost and may have a more appealing appearance based on someone's tastes.

Mephisto Aida: Even though this sandal delivers the highest price tag on the list, it is nevertheless one of the more beloved sandals around due to its sturdy structure and long-lasting wear. It has a bit of a bolder appearance compared to Julie with thicker strapping. It comes in a Tan shade and it is adaptable enough to go with just about anything. Retail store price for this shoe is approximately $240.

Frye Jacey Studded Huarache Sandal: Another design from the Frye company that appears to have a very good deal of popularity. This shoe isn't specifically a Fisherman style, yet has a comparable structure and would probably interest women who enjoy the look and fit of the Julie. It is available in quite a number of colors, which makes it more than a little bit alluring to buy numerous pairs. Retail rate for this shoe is around $138.

Women's Walking Cradles Angel: This shoe has got the lowest price of all the sandals listed, nevertheless receives many extremely positive shopper reviews, especially for their comfort element. These shoes come in Black and Tobacco shades and retail for approximately $83.

If you are searching for a flat Fisherman design shoe for the warm months of this year, the Frye Julie Fisherman sandal is a great selection for women in 2011, along with the additional choices on the list above.

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June 19, 2011

Frye Jacey Studded Huarache Sandal for Women

The Frye Jacey Studded Huarache sandal is among the newer spring and summer styles coming from the Frye company, and for people that are familiar with the Jacey Huarache, this is basically the same look though with some bold studded twists.

Among the finest things about this particular sandal could be the rather amazing number of shades it is available in, including mixed shades. The total number of colors and mixtures is 14, rendering it one of the most adaptive shoes offered this year. It features a lovely interwoven huarache style with a look that is a kind of a mixture of enchanting and natural.

For those of you ladies who are not just looking for facts about this specific shoe, but would still like to check around a little, here are two other shoes that have comparable designs:

Bedstu Women's El Duque: I hadn't heard of this particular brand name prior to researching designs similar to the Frye Jacey Studded Huarache, but it is a beautiful style and appears to possess a quite comfy fit too. There are three different color choices including Olive, Brown and Grey and for those who're searching for a very similar style which has a lower price tag this may function as one; it sells for around $85.

UGG Anatina: This new sandal from UGG Australia has a huarache design having a adaptation of extremely smooth natural leather for the upper. While it's a huarache design, It has a little more of a delicate look than the Jacey and a somewhat lower retail price of about $130 and is available in Chestnut, Black and Cement.

While the Frye Jacey Studded Huarache could be considered to provide the finest look considering all of three new sandals in the list above, it in no way harms to think about some other styles, especially when in search of something which could possibly work better on a more restrictive spending budget.

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