March 13, 2011

New Frye High Heel Sandals - Spring and Summer 2011

Among the collection of styles from Frye that are being introduced for spring and summer are a couple of gorgeous new Frye high heel sandals.  These include the Frye Savannah Buckle Slide sandal, as well as the Frye Tamara Buckle T-Strap style sandal.

For ladies who like a look of a bit of a lower "high heel," the Savannah Buckle Slide would be an excellent choice, while the sultry and feminine look of the Tamara T-Strap is a great choice for ladies who prefer a bit of a higher heel.

Here is a bit of information on each of these styles for spring and summer 2011:

Frye Savannah Buckle Slide (see photo top left) - This lovely sandal follows in the footsteps of the Frye Savannah Buckle 2-piece, and while it has a similar look with the buckle on the vamp, the slide version has a look of its own.  It has a heel height of about 3 inches, and would look adorable with shorts, skirts or even jeans for the warm weather months of the year.  (Click here to find the Frye Savannah Buckle Slide sandal @ The Fashion Fiend.)

Frye Tamara Buckle T-Strap Sandal (see photo right) - Hello!  These are gorgeous - they have a 5 inch heel with a platform of 1 1/2" and are available in a rather wide variety of shades.  There is an interesting curved cut-out (for lack of better words) in the back of the heel with detailing that adds just the right touch of interest and a unique "Frye" look. (Click here to find the Frye Tamara Buckle @ The Fashion Fiend)

Both of these styles are truly feminine - and unique.  But, one thing that these new Frye high heel sandals have in common is a down to earth sort of vintage touch - which is one of the things we love most about Frye footwear.

March 12, 2011

New Frye Platform Wedge Sandals - Spring and Summer 2011

There are some seriously stylish new Frye platform wedge sandals coming down the pike this year - just in time for spring to "spring," - for those ladies who love a platform style, the Frye Carlie Huarache platform and the Frye Corrina Woven platform sandal may cause some ladies to swoon!  =)

Each of these sandals has a lovely feminine appearance, and each of them - while being very much in fashion - is quite unique.

Frye Carlie Huarache Platform Wedge (see top left photo) - The huarache (woven) pattern on the vamp of this sandal is what makes it truly special.  This fact coupled with the curves of the platform sole and the lower curve of the heel gives this new sandal a look all its own.  (We are predicting that this will be one of the more looked for styles among the Frye collection this spring and summer.)  Also - it comes in six colors (at this writing), including a Slate color, Red, Cognac, Mustard, Dark Brown and Natural.  (Click here to find the Frye Carlie Huarache @ The Fashion Fiend)

Frye Corrina Woven Platform Wedge (see photo right) - This style has quite a bit more height than the Carlie Huarache, and a completely different look.  The ankle strap has a lovely woven pattern to it, and the platform wedge bears a quilted pattern - there is no other shoe available quite like this.  It is simply lovely - and the cut of the strap over the vamp will allow the shape of a woman's foot and legs to be enhanced.  Gorgeous!  (Click here to  find the Frye Corrina Woven Platform Wedge @ The Fashion Fiend)

There are other platform heel sandals available this year, but specifically for the new Frye platform wedge sandals the above are the picks - unless more are released before summer of 2011!

New Frye Flat Sandals for Spring 2011

For those ladies who like the look of a flat-soled sandal, and also appreciate the elegance of women's Frye footwear, you will be happy to know that for the spring and summer of 2011 there are a couple of new Frye flat sandals for 2011to pick from, including Frye Julie Fisherman Sandals and Frye Laurel Ring Thong Sandals.

While each of these sandals is gorgeous in its own right, they are quite unique from each other.

Frye Julie Fisherman (see photo top left) - This is a sort of "blast from the past" - remember when fisherman sandals were quite popular?  Well, they are here again for ladies, yet they offer a few more feminine touches.  These are the perfect sandal that you could literally wear with just about anything - it will look great with skirts, shorts, jeans - whatever.  (Click here to find the Frye Julie Fisherman sandal @ The Fashion Fiend)

Frye Laurel Ring Thong (see photo right) - Here is a truly delicate look in a thong style sandal.  It is a follower to a couple of other versions of the Frye Laurel (I believe that they were introduced last spring and summer).  The different with the Laurel Ring is the look of the vamp - delicate ring designs that add quite a bit of looks to the sandal.  (Click here to find the Frye Laurel Ring Thong @ The Fashion Fiend)

Interestingly the majority of new Frye sandals this year are high heeled versions - they are lovely as well, and worth giving a check - that is if you are a lady who doesn't mind the heel.  Otherwise, the Frye Flat Sandals listed above will likely be more up your alley.

March 2, 2011

New Frye Styles for Women - Early March 2011

New Frye boots and shoes for March of this year have something in common with some of the more classic and traditional variations of footwear from Frye - they have a everlasting look that will most likely always be in fashion.

Here are a few new styles to look at in the Frye collection that are available to ladies as of March this year:

Frye Julia Grommet Lace - Although this boot also offers a kind of eternal look about it, it also might be mentioned with accuracy that it's one of the most distinctive and versatile boots within the whole Frye brand. It has two general ways it may be worn - down or up. When up it provides a sleek and simpler look, however when folded down and laced at the tongue it's - well, it is adorable (at least in my estimation). In the past I've been relatively accurate regarding which shoes or boots coming from Frye will stay because of popularity - I think that the Frye Julia Grommet Lace-Up boot is going to be among the “keepers.”

Carson Lace-Up Boot from Frye - I can almost not say enough concerning this new boot style! While it features a distinct place in the Carson series (with its familiar smooth western look), this style is a bootie or ankle cut, having a lace-up front. Regardless of whether donning denims or a dress, this footwear will not only fit in, it will then add character to virtually any look.

Frye Emma Woven Flat - This is just what I'd personally call “the perfect spring shoe.” It is crafted from interwoven lace for the upper and could be easily worn with either jeans or skirts - and would add to the look either way. One of the wonderful things about this new shoe from Frye is the variety of colors it is available in - nine in all - so whether you would prefer a more colorful shoe or a slipper with a more earthy tone (or both), you can probably find exactly what you want.

Frye Tamara Woven Slide Platform - What I notice first about this shoe is its height - with a 5 inch heel, it is a style that women will either adore - or will perhaps make them run the other direction! However, it also has a 1 ½ inch platform, which brings the actual lift on the foot 3 ½ inches. All dimensions aside, it is a lovely shoe that has both characteristics of being trendy and earthy - it has a leather upper with an open-toe design and leather lacing throughout. And - Frye is well known for making footwear comfortable, even those styles with a higher heel.

Frye Maggie Perf Wingtip Shoe - This new shoe from Frye has a basic wingtip style but with a bit of a heel to give it a lift and perforated detailing to spice it up a bit. This is another “go with everything” design from Frye that could easily be considered a staple of a wardrobe.

New Frye boots and shoes offered to women in 2011 as of the beginning of March are a hopeful collection, and I will enjoy discovering what exactly is ahead!

March 1, 2011

Introduction to New Frye Boots and Shoes

While "the old classics" still remain the favorite part of the Frye collection for women, there are nevertheless new Frye boots and shoes that are added on a regular basis - and for those of you who love this footwear, they are definitely worth seeing!

In fact, new Frye styles contain choices which also have looks that are "timeless" - likely being some of your favorite shoes or boots for some time to come. 

As time goes on, this site will be updated when new styles are released for women into the Frye collection - and onto offline and online store shelves.  As they come out, we will let you know here, along with some tips on where to find them online.

Should you buy new Frye boots and shoes online?  This is a question that comes up for just about any type of footwear, but for those who are concerned about the issue, be concerned no more.  Online shoe merchants have provided consumers with an invaluable service - free returns and exchanges in case you don't like what you buy or if you need to switch out a pair of boots or shoes for a different size.

Welcome!  We hope that you find this site helpful!  =)