September 10, 2011

New Frye Veronica Combat - And A Few Other Lace Up Boot Versions to Shop For

When I imagined the Frye Company had already topped themselves, along comes the Frye Veronica Combat. This boot all round includes a look of - as the label implies - a combat design lace up boot but additionally, it offers some similarity to alternative boots via the Veronica collection with sleek curves plus a multipurpose kind of go along with everything look. Also possessing a little bit of an edge, this boot may also be turning some heads in 2011 and in all probability for many years. Constructed from either top quality leather or suede, this boot is available in some soft and antique looks and is already to be found in a great number of shades.

For individuals who adore this particular boot however want to look over a few alternative lace up style boot styles and some similar characteristics, here are a few to look over:

Frye Dorado Packer:  The Dorado Packer boot from Frye is another brand new launch for the fall of this year. It, like the Veronica Combat, has a lace up style but with an even and much more sharpened toe. And fully grasp this: It includes a kiltie in the front of the boot that is a brand-new look for this kind of boot but rocks it in style. The leather with this boot is of a good quality and it has a beautiful vintage appeal. This boot rises to about mid calf level and is a good choice if you are looking for a boot that could pass for either a bit rugged or a sleeker version for work or casual wear. It comes in a couple different color versions.

Frye Carson Lace Up Boot:  Like the Veronica Combat, this boot is a lace up style but doesn't rise up as high on the lower leg, which has a shaft height which comes up just over the ankle area. The Carson Lace Up is the work boot or combat style with a bit of a western twist. It carries a rather curvy look about it with a cute bumped toe and is the perfect 19th century old style look for a lace up boot. It has seemingly taken off in popularity since its release earlier this spring and now there are quite a number of gorgeous rich colors that this boot comes in.

Sam Edelman Karla:  The Karla lace up boot belonging to the brand new 2011 Sam Edelman series isn't only an additional nice choice in leather lace ups, it also has a more affordable price and could therefore be considered a more sensible choice for those women paying attention to their expenses a little more. It comes in both leather and suede versions, it provides a traditional and sleek appearance similar to the Veronica Combat Boot and is gaining a large amount of interest since its new release.

In case you have any issues regarding which of the boots to select from the variety above, I believe that the very best selection is actually the Frye Veronica Combat boot simply because the Veronica collection carries with it an amazing reputation for possessing looks which are very variable however so stylish that women everywhere love them. However in accordance with the study I did of women’s reactions to the whole list above, virtually any of them might in fact be a great choice and each one while sporting some commonalities also has its very own special overall appearance and attributes.

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