September 19, 2011

New Frye Shirley Multi Strap Harness Short - And A Few Alternate Boots to Look For

Even though there are a variety of distinctive harness designs coming from the Frye company, there is nothing that can compare with the Frye Shirley Multi Strap Harness Short boot. This suede natural leather style does not have any ordinary harness, but features a volume of delicate bands grouped together as a solitary entity, after that wrapping through the 2x ring harness. This strapping results in a bit of a flared out look for the mid-calf height length, merely enough so as to add a seriously eye-catching look. With this particular writing this particular footwear can be found in only a couple of different shades and has a full price of around $230.

You'll most likely have a condition of passion at first sight once you see this boot, yet for those discriminating buyers who would like to glance at some other boot styles with similar features, here's a few current options for you:

Frye Women's Vera Short:  This is another new design from Frye with the autumn and winter months of this year, the Vera Short. This boot, initially, might seem strikingly comparable to another boot called the Veronica Shortie, yet there are a few differences such as a bit of a higher heel to add some extra lift and femininity to the look. It's got an engineer boot look, with a strap over the foot and again on the side of the boot shaft. Like the Shirley Multi Strap Harness Short, this boot has a height that comes up to around the mid-calf level. It comes in a Maple brown color and a Black version.

Eric Michael Laguna Boot:
  I am becoming more and more of an Eric Michael boots and shoes fan, this boot is an illustration of why. Like additional boot styles on this list, this boot features a mid-calf height and is produced from leather. Like the Vera Short, it's strapped buckles that give it an Engineer style, but the shaft of this boot is extra slouchy and rugged looking. It's available in a few different colors including Brown, Black and Tan.

Boutique 9 Caia:  Similar to the 2 additional boots on this list, the Caia boot from Boutique 9 also has a leather upper construction and also a mid calf height for the shaft. However there are some eye catching differences with this boot, the main difference being thing double straps that wrap around the ankle and shaft top, with some metal fasteners that are quite attractive. Also there is ruching on top of the foot, giving it even more of an edgy look. It comes in a few earthy colors.

While the concentration of this information is to point out the aesthetics and attributes of my best preference on the list, the Frye Shirley Multi Strap Short Harness, additional choices also are apparently good possible choices and may be located on the internet for better costs, frequently with fast and zero cost delivery.

Click here for more info on this boot, or to compare prices on the Frye Shirley Multi Strap Short Harness boot:

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