August 7, 2011

New Frye Women's Erin Riding Boot - And Some Other Related Boot Styles to Check Out

Will you be among those women who love the long and streamlined visual appeal of a riding boot? If that's the case, then you will love the Frye Erin Riding Boot. Like other designs from Frye this is hardly a bland style with its add-ons including dual delicate bands - one round the rearfoot and another which graces the surface of the boot shaft. Probably this will grow to be amongst the popular versions for this fall and winter season and may be accessible in additional shades though is irregardless a fantastic choice for women in 2011.

Here are some other boot styles to compare from other names, as well as some more choices from Frye:

DV by Dolce Vita Lujan Boot: Here is a simpler and very elegant version of the tall natural leather boot for ladies in 2011 - the DV by Dolce Vita Lujan has two points to make it be noticeable other than its height - the split collar at the top of the boot shaft and the subtle stitching. Like the other boots above it is crafted from smooth and luxurious leather. It is made in Black and Brown versions.

Dolce Vita Georgia Boot: Another longer and streamlined look comes into the fashion world with the Dolce Vita Georgia. This boot features a double strap that wraps about the foot and ankle area of the boot and gives this particular boot an edgy appearance that has a lot of style. The boot shaft is around 15 inches, it has a appearance for the shaft that stands out with an asymmetrical shape. It's available in a few different tones.

Frye Women's Melissa Button Back Zip: Here is another lengthy and streamlined boot from the Frye Company Boot Company - this boot is a simple variance on the Melissa Button that was launched over a year ago, and is equally as elegant. It has a tall boot shaft of 15 ins, and fastens with button straps behind the ankle as well as behind the boot shaft at the top. Currently there appears to be quite a bit of attention on this particular boot even shortly after its release. It comes in quite numerous rich and beautiful colors.

If your choice you come up with in a riding boot style is more for the Frye Erin Riding Boot for women or any other among the styles listed above, it's likely that you'll more than enjoy the appearance and wear of these designs, and will take pride in donning them.

Click here to compare prices and available selection on the Frye Erin Riding:

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