May 3, 2011

New Frye Amelie 2 Piece Sandal (And Other Comparable Styles)

New for the spring and summer months of 2011 is a fantastic sandal - the Frye Amelie 2 Piece. While this particular fresh style is a lovely selection, if you are nevertheless in searching mode or keen on viewing a few similar styles with comparable or less expensive costs, give the below comparisons a check.

Here is the Frye Amelie Two Piece Sandal, as well as a little bit of information about different comparable styles:

Frye Amelie Two Piece Sandal

This shoe certainly is the ultimate interpretation of the Roman gladiator style. Not merely is this fashion forward, additionally it is designed with great care, making use of excellent materials - enabling the looks of the sandal shine through even more.

Cost: $158.00

Structure: Natural leather strapped upper, accessible in each solid and multicolor styles.

Color selections: Cognac Multi, Natural Multi, Cognac and Slate

The place to buy: Fashion Fiend


Compare these: Frye Amelie X Stitch Sandal
Another shoe within the Amelie group from Frye is additionally a good common pick for some of those girls that additionally have selected the Amelie 2 Piece - the Frye Amelie X Stitch. This one provides a bit of a discounted tag, even though the versions are to some extent similar you will find however a few marked distinctions, seems like especially with the ankle strap style.

Full price: $148.00

Style: High quality leather top, crossover stitching pattern about the vamp, delicate strappy design.

Color selections: Copper, Navy, Taupe, Black

Buy them at:  Fashion Fiend


Compare them: Luxury Rebel Yale Sandal

This shoe has a very similar look about the rearfoot (due to three secured straps), however it is a thong design as opposed to a strapped open toe. While this choice might appear a little tricky to get on and off with the three buckles, it actually provides a back zip for making your daily life a little easier.

Full price: $100.00

Construction: Leather construction

Color picks: Light Pink, Limelight, Mist, Beach

Where to buy: @


Compare them: Naya Sister Sandal

Although appearances of the sandal vary, you will find a few parallels that might allow it to be irresistible to someone who may also like the Frye Amelie Two Piece. The various criss cross strapping can be quite romantic, and the secured strap over the foot is a good look. The price tag on this particular sandal is cheaper which can make it considerably significantly more appealing for some.

Retail: $120.00

Concept: Leather strappy upper, double buckle decoration, adjustable rearfoot strap.

Color selections: Palmetto, Rusty Tan, Black, Capsium, Nickel

The place to buy:

Aside from the above mentioned picks, we have a pair of further suggestions for you - if you are keen on the looks with the Frye Amelie 2 Piece, you might want to browse the entire collection of ladies sandals from Frye for 2011. They are a distinctive lineup - plus every single one of them is likely something virtually any woman will be very proud to wear.

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